Precision Floors


All concrete floors are uneven, some more so than others. And concrete floors are subject to movement, as bumps and cracks form.

Industries that use automated labour saving devices, such as computer operated forklifts and robots, require extremely precise and level floors. As robots and machines travel the exact same route every time they perform a task, the strength and integrity of the floor is constantly under pressure.

A particular kind of concrete levelling experience and faculty is needed in order to meet these high standards that provides a level finish and smooth surface.



Extensive experience in the demanding food industry has helped Food Flooring develop product and concrete levelling application skills that are applicable to precision industries.

The topping that is used in food grade flooring is perfect for precision floors. Years of testing and application has demonstrated repeated success in this regard.

Generic floor suppliers and installers may not have the necessary level of high grade product and installation expertise that you require. Installing an inferior product or topping can cost you dearly in the long run.

Food Flooring is renowned for our meticulous preparation and accurate application. Near enough is never good enough. Every job is the most important job we are doing.

So if you are looking for an unparalleled level of excellence for your precision floor, please contact us for an assessment and quote.

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