Goods Receiving



Your company’s goods receiving area can be the highest traffic impact area of your facility. 

Delivery trucks arriving, forklifts unloading, palletising and storage of materials and pedestrian traffic all add to the wear and tear of your floor. Without specialised high impact flooring, surfaces become damaged and uneven.

Injury risk in manufacturing industries 

The manufacturing industry has one of the highest rates of injury claims of all industries. Where there is a lot of activity and movement – such as in goods receiving – there is increased risk of injury and fatality. 

Two of the most common causes of injury claim are:
  • Being hit by moving objects (18%)
  • Falls, trip and slips (15%)
Three of the most common causes of fatality are:
  • Vehicle incidents (21%)
  • Being hit by falling or moving objects (21%)
  • Long term contact with chemicals and substances (20%)

Source: Safe Work Australia Manufacturing Fact Sheet 2008-09 Food Flooring provides high impact flooring solutions that minimise all of these risk areas

Colour coded floors 

Colour coded floors separating pedestrian and traffic areas are required by Occupational Health and Safety rules. Colour coding give users visual prompts to eliminate potentially dangerous situations. There are a wide range of colours available to add to the appeal and effectiveness of the coloured flooring.

Chemical resistant bunding 

Food Flooring can advise on the provision of chemical-resistant bunding for storage of corrosive or volatile materials, ensuring a safe and secure way of dealing with a range of liquids.

Anti slip flooring

Food Flooring offers a full range of anti slip and high impact flooring options adapted to all requirements for high-traffic and high-impact areas. Our systems cater for punishing environments with high strength coatings and toppings providing high resistance to impact damage. Whatever the requirement of your goods receiving area or the punishing treatment it receives, Food Flooring can advise on the right solutions.

Food Flooring’s expertise and experience ensure that you get the right solution to your flooring problems, no matter how demanding your work environment. We can advise on the right flooring for even the toughest environments. Our knowledge of the special requirements posed by flooring for the food industry means you can be confident of getting the best advice tailored to the needs your business.

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