Polyurethane flooring is the product demanded by those in the industry who want the very best. While its benefits are not as widely known in the industry as other products, polyurethane is the flooring of choice for many leading food and beverage manufacturers.

When polyurethane was first introduced, it was expensive when compared to other products, but it has since dropped in price and is now a competitive flooring option.

Polyurethane flooring was developed over twenty years ago and while this technology was slow to be adopted by the food industry more and more businesses are beginning to recognise its advantages. The installation process is complex and can only be performed by experienced professionals such as Food Flooring.

The advantages of polyurethane flooring are:


Food Flooring is an approved applicator for BASF’s ucrete and has applied thousands of square metres of this high grade flooring product. Ucrete has no equals in terms of quality, strength and chemical resistance.

Food Flooring supplies a variety of well known polyurethane flooring systems. While polyurethane may be suitable for your flooring installation, Food Flooring will thoroughly assess your individual requirements and recommend the appropriate product for your needs.

Food Flooring specialises in flooring for the food industry. Contact us today to find out how we can help you make the right flooring decision for your business.

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