Food Flooring has worked to specialise in providing flooring installation during times of factory
shutdown. Whether you shut down over the Christmas period, or at other times throughout the year
 for maintenance and upgrades, talk to us about organising a complete floor installation. Thorough
 consultation and comprehensive planning so we can work fast


  • The job will be done to perfection
  • Your floor will be completed on time
  • You will lose no extra time or cost
  • We work 7 days per week, up to 15 hour days to complete your installation
  • Floor installation meets every OH&S, HACCP and Food Safety Regulation standard
  • You can trust our team of experts
  • Precision, accuracy, and a quality finished product is our service promise
  • Impeccable workmanship – we take pride in what we do

Don’t risk letting your floors go unattended.

Damaged or deteriorating floors can mean serious trouble for your manufacturing business. The longer you leave it, the more expensive the problem becomes and the more likely it is that a serious OH&S event will occur. This is a one-off investment that can literally save you thousands of dollars in ongoing floor damage, compliance issues and/or insurance claims. Arrange a floor inspection

You may be aware that your floor is aging or failing. Many manufacturers include floor patch up or repairs as part of their annual maintenance. However, flooring problems can also be invisible. Tiny cracks may be creating big problems when it comes to OH&S, HACCP and Food Safety Regulations. Whatever your situation, Food Flooring will conduct an expert industry assessment. This assessment is based on knowledge of the food industry, expertise in industrial food flooring and the specifics of your manufacturing processes and demands.

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