Wherever food or drink is handled, from processing plants to local shops, clean and safe storage and
 handling procedures are critical. Food Flooring are the experts in hygienic, non-slip floors for all 
aspects of food production and preparation. As a professional in the food industry, you know that 
you require commercial flooring systems that adhere to safety and hygiene standards while also
 meeting the unique demands of your business.

Depending on the products you produce and handle in your day-to-day operations, your floors may need to withstand exposure to hot fats and oils, food acids, blood, and sugar solutions. Not only can some of these substances cause damage to concrete, but unhygienic flooring can lead to the growth of bacteria in cracks and fissures too small to see with the naked eye.

Food manufacturing and processing is not the only industry that can benefit from Food Flooring commercial flooring systems. Wherever concrete floors are laid, there will be inconsistencies. Wear and tear can lead to dangerous bumps and cracks over time. Automated industries where there is a high use of robotics are particularly susceptible to flooring deterioration.

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