Food Industry Expertise



Flooring systems are not a generalised field of expertise and should never be treated as such. Having your floors installed by a contractor who is not expert in the demands of your industry can be a costly mistake.

Ideally you invest in new flooring systems once or twice in the lifetime of a factory, premises or manufacturing plant. The food industry is a high pressure environment where we know you cannot afford too much downtime and you definitely cannot afford mistakes or inferior products.

Working with experts will save you time and money

What sets Food Flooring apart from other flooring contractors is the fact that we specialise in flooring systems for the food industry. The simple fact is, this will save you an enormous amount of time, stress and cost.


    Food Flooring understands the safety and hygiene concerns of the industry as well as the unique requirements of retailers and manufacturers who need to work under specific conditions. 

    We are familiar with and will advise you about all aspects of:

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • HACCP standards
  • Best solutions for anti slip flooring
  • Markings for forklifts and pedestrians
  • General food safety and hygiene

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